Where to buy chickens in Colorado Urban Homesteading

    What's at Buckley's?

    Shop Online - Currently, only our online classes are available for purchase. We will soon be adding inventory you can purchase for curbside pick up.

    Shop In Store – Check out the categories below to see what’s offered in our storefront...

    • Cheesemaking supplies: molds, presses, cultures, lipase, acid, rennet, calcium chloride, cheese cloth, scales, thermometers and cheese-making kits
    • Soapmaking supplies: lye, essential oils,  base oils,  butters, assorted molds, gloves and goggles, scales, and thermometers
    • Fermenting supplies: KrautSource lids, Pickle Pipes, Kraut Stompers, Fermentation crocks, Cultures/Scobies/Grains
    • Livestock feed: Hubbard Feed traditional and organic feeds. New Country Organics soy-free, whole-greain feed for ducks, chickens and goats. Modesto Milling Organic Feeds featuring their corn-free/soy-free layer pellets.
    • Livestock supplies: Feeders, waterers, scoops, first aid, fly deterents
    • Beekeeping equipment: Hive essentials, tools, protective gear, mite treatments
    • Composting Worms: Starter kits, Red Wiggler worms, bedding, castings
    • Canning Supplies: Ball products, salts, water bath canners, canning accessories
    • Vintage-looking aprons and kitchen linens
    • Locally crafted soaps
    • Books to help you with almost any homesteading topic
    • Heirloom Seeds
    • Wet Shaving Supplies: Merkur safety razors, Parker shaving supplies, double edge blades, shaving soaps, after shave cream/lotion, shaving mugs, shaving brushes.