Where to buy chickens in Colorado Urban Homesteading

    What's at Buckley's?

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    • Cheesemaking supplies: molds, presses, cultures, lipase, acid, rennet, calcium chloride, cheese cloth, thermometers and cheese-making kits
    • Fermenting supplies: KrautSource lids, pickle pipes, pickle pebbles, Kraut Stompers, fermentation crocks, kombucha kits, fermentation kits
    • Livestock feed: Hubbard Feed traditional feed. New Country Organics soy-free, whole-grain feed for ducks, chickens, rabbits and goats. 
      Modesto Milling Organic Feed featuring their corn-free/soy-free poultry layer pellet, crumble and whole grain feed.
      We are happy to special order any feed item from Modesto Milling or New Country Organics. Please call us to inquire about our in stock inventory.
    • Alfalfa, Timothy Hay, Straw, Chaffhaye, Hemp Bedding
    • Pre-packaged chicken treats, dried & live mealworms, mix & match chicken treat wall
    • Livestock supplies: Feeders, waterers, scoops, first aid, fly deterents, feed/seed storage containers, muck buckets, nesting boxes, brooder equipment, etc. 
    • Milking funnels, filters and pails
    • Beekeeping equipment: Hive essentials, tools, protective gear, mite treatments
    • Composting Worms
    • Canning Supplies: Canning tools, water bath canners, canning accessories, clear gel
    • T-shirts, totes and kitchen linens
    • Locally crafted soaps
    • Lodge cast iron
    • Books to help you with almost any homesteading topic
    • Colorado-sourced, open-pollinated vegetable and herb seeds
    • Honey from local, Colorado Springs area hives
    • Wet Shaving Supplies: Merkur safety razors, Parker shaving supplies, double edge blades, shaving soaps, after shave cream/lotion, shaving mugs, shaving brushes.