Buckley’s Homestead Supply

Buckley’s Homestead Supply

(719) 358-8510 — 1501 W Colorado Ave — Colorado Springs, CO

Hours: Tuesday–Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM, Sunday 10 AM - 3 PM, Closed Monday


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Buckley’s is a feed and homestead supply store here to provide you with the tools you need for home industry projects from backyard chickens and rabbits to fermenting and canning. Beyond our extensive inventory of traditional and organic feed, we provide the supplies and support you need to produce the things you use everyday like soap, and cheeses. Browse our large selection of how-to books for inspiration and ideas for your next project. Whether you are just learning a new homesteading skill, or have already mastered more than a few, our goal is to support your continued success. Join our growing community today by sharing your questions, suggestions, and comments online or come by for a chat over coffee to discuss your urban farming needs.


What's In Store

A small sample of what you will find at Buckley’s

Homestead Supply, Colorado Springs
  • Cheese making supplies: molds, presses, cultures, lipase, acid, rennet, calcium chloride, cheese cloth, scales, thermometers and cheese-making kits

  • Soap making supplies: lye, essential oils, assorted oils, assorted butters, borax, washingfels naptha, assorted molds, gloves and goggles, scale, and thermometers

  • Yogurt making supplies: electric and non-electric yogurt makers, yogurt cultures, and kefir cultures

  • Fermenting supplies: Gairtopf crocks

  • Livestock feed: Ranch-way feed for goats, rabbits and chickens. Soy and corn free chicken feed. sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, cracked corn, whole corn, 4-way feed, 3-way feed, grit, oyster shell, food grade diatomaceous earth, minerals, Whenever possible there are both traditional and organic versions available

  • Canning Supplies: Ball products, Weck Products, salts, flavoring packets, pressure canners, water bath canners, canning accessories

  • Vintage-looking aprons and kitchen linens

  • Butter churns

  • Locally crafted soaps

  • Livestock supplies: Feeders, waterers, hoof trimmers, scoops, wormers, first aid, fly deterents

  • Kitchen Items: Electric and hand-crank grinders, dehydrators, hand-crank apple peeler

  • Books and magazines that deal with homesteading topics

  • To be added soon: work gloves, seeds, shaving mugs/brushes/soap, straight-edge and safety razors

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