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    6/1/24 2:00pm UPDATE

    We are officially SOLD OUT of chicks! Thank you for another GREAT chick season.

    We're here to help you as your chicks grow and their nutritional needs change. Feel free to stop by or call with any questions you may have.



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    There are many changes for the 2024 Chick Season. We have changed Point of Sale systems and no longer have an ecommerce site. That means we do not have an option for online sales. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we switch back to offering in person sales this season. 

    Here are the main points to know:

    1) No online sales available this year.

    2) No preordering or phone orders available this year. 
        All chicks are first come, first serve in the store.

    3) Breeds and sale dates are listed on our website and Facebook page
        so that you can plan ahead. These are subject to change because
        sometimes hatches are not successful and inclement weather can
        cause delays.

    4) We can still take special orders for the following when available:
             - turkey poults
              -guinea keets
              -large orders of a single breed (ex. 25 Rhode Island Reds)

    5)  We can NOT take special orders for mixed flocks no matter the
         total number (ex. 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Speckled Sussex,
         2 Jersey Giants, 1 Salmon Faverolle)

    If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the store or give us a call; (719) 358-8510. We're happy to help!


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Are the chicks straight run?
    We pay an additional fee to request female chicks from the hatchery. However, there is a chance you may receive a rooster.

    What do I do if I get a rooster?
    For biosecurity reasons, once chicks leave the store they can not be returned. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are allowed.
    Rehoming or culling roosters are the most common options for unwanted roosters. We do not offer either of those resources, but you're welcome to post your request on our community bulletin board.

    Are the chicks hatched in store?
    No. We order chicks from Cackle Hatchery in Missouri. We receive the chicks 24-48 hours after they hatch.

    Are the chicks vaccinated?
    No. We do not pay to have the chicks vaccinated prior to shipping. 

    How much do chicks cost?
    Price is dependent upon on breed. Most chicks are $5.50 while others are $7.00, $9.00, $11.00+.

    Do you require a minimum order?
    Yes. We do not sell single chicks. A minimum purchase of two chicks is required. 

    Which breeds do you have available this spring?
    Our 2024 Chick Season Sale Schedule lists all of the breeds we have ordered for the 2024 Chick Season. However, please keep in mind that it is possible for scheduled hatches to fail, resulting in the requested order not shipping. 

    Can we order other breeds not listed on the Sale Schedule?
    We can contact the hatchery with your request. Most breeds listed on the Cackle Hatchery website are available for us to order, however there may be minimum order numbers required and some breeds will not be sexed and are only available straight run. Contact us to discuss your special request.

    Will any other birds be available besides chickens?
    Our 2024 Chick Season Sale Schedule lists all of the birds we have ordered for the 2024 Chick Season. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your special request.

    What is considered a special request?
    A special request involves ordering birds that we do not already have listed on our 2024 Chick Season Sale Schedule. Special requests can include, goslings, guinea keets, large number orders (25+ birds), etc. Special requests require prepayment. 

    When will chicks be available for purchase?
    Our 2024 Chick Season Sale Shedule lists all of the dates chicks will be available for purchase.
    Our 2024 Chick Season runs February-May. We do not order chicks during the fall season.

    How do we buy chicks?
    Chicks will be available for purchase in store only. Chicks will be available first come, first served.
    We are not able to offer any online ordering as our new point of sale system does not have the capability for online sales.
    We are not able to "hold" chicks. They are sold on a first come, first served basis.
    We are not able to accommodate phone orders (other than special requests, i.e. guinea, goslings, etc.). We have limited staffing and need to be able to assist customers in store. Thank you for your understanding.

    Do I need to bring a transport box with me when I buy chicks?
    We have chick boxes available for you to transport your birds home. 

    How are the chicks cared for at Buckley's Homestead Supply?
    We provide clean organic feed, fresh water and a safe, warm environment for all chicks while they await pick up. 
    Our team identifies any health issues upon arrival and addresses any concerns before chicks leave our care. 

    Do you sell everything needed to raise chicks?
    We sell everything needed to raise happy, healthy chicks. However, we do not sell brooder tanks or chicken coops.